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JULIE'S STYLE TIPS: Make Everyday a Celebration

I make every day a celebration of the elegance and decadence of life.

When I moved I gave away all of the things that I didn’t absolutely LOVE, including the everyday dishes… Now I have my morning tea and toast with my Sterling tea pot and gorgeous Dior fine china set. My bathroom vanity is clean and clear of clutter. I keep only a few essentials of out, and they are arranged artistically, so it feels welcoming and luxurious.

I ask my body what it would like to wear, and slip into something yummy feeling and beautiful to see. I put on several layers of jewels, throwing out the old rules of taking off the last accessory, laughing at the idea that too much could ever be too much… and wearing more!

Feeling the energy of the clothing and jewels… realizing that those choices allow me to receive their energy and contribution to my life. The more I am willing to have and acknowledge the things and people that contribute to me and my life, (and I contribute to theirs) the more I am able to receive in all areas, and income flows increase.

How does it get even better than this? What else is possible?

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