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Gemstone Readings

Julie works like an alchemist creating pieces that resonate with you and your body.  Much like the ancient astrological bangles that were as medicinal as they were decorative, her pieces have healing properties.  When you wear them, they will contribute to you.  They gift you with a sense of vitality and abundance, as well as enhance your natural beauty.


Select from Reading Session only, to a package of small or large elixir necklace.

After payment, you'll be directed to a calendar to schedule your gemstone reading session with Julie.

We will meet online with Zoom.  A Zoom link will be emailed to you automatically, as well as a reminder email.

Gather some friends, wine & snacks, and I'll bring a gorgeous assortment of jewels.  I'll share about gemstone meanings, and stories from people who experienced benefits from adding them to their wardrobe. There will be time for Q&A, and I'm happy to help people find a unique piece/set that matches their uniqueness. (purchase not necessary)

Host receives a jewelry gift, or donate a % of sales to a charity of your choosing. 


Email me for more info. & to set up a date.

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Watch Gemstone Reading Intro

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