About Julie's Elixir Jewelry


What if wearing jewelry feeds your body & soul? 


• Private appointments at her home studio

• Special pop-up events• wholesale to other boutiques

Julie Tuton Jewelry has been a lifelong passion, and continually changing business for over 30 years.  

Always drawn to crystals and gems, their sparkle and their magical powers, Julie Tuton artist and energy worker, found she had a unique perspective when it came to making jewelry. 

She sees the often unseen, hears the unspoken acoustic energetic qualities, and designs her pieces almost like playing a symphony. This translates to a wide range of styles designed for You! 


Modern Amuletes


Julie's pieces are elixir adornments, energetically designed to inspire, empower, nurture, and attract abundance. When you are drawn to Julie's work, what if that is your knowing, showing you an energy that will contribute to your body and life?

Julie believes in the energetic contribution of jewelry. She often speaks of the healing benefits of wearing these modern amulets. Not just for special occasions, but everyday! You will find her wearing rings, earrings & necklaces in the redwoods and at the beach!

Julie loves creating custom pieces, using her magic and intuitive ability to complement your uniqueness.  Her jewelry is an addition to you, bringing out the natural glow and beauty of your being.

Wear her pieces and enjoy the magical peace, joy & elegance that is synonymous with Julie Tuton Jewelry.

What Energy is your body asking for?


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