Gemstone Reading 

& Custom Creations

Gemstone Reading Session

Schedule your appointment to receive a gemstone reading session from the designer.  Meet online or in person at her home studio.

Julie works like an alchemist creating pieces that resonate with you and your body.  Much like the ancient astrological bangles that were as medicinal as they were decorative, her pieces have healing properties.  When you wear them, they will contribute to you.  They gift you with a sense of vitality and abundance, as well as enhance your natural beauty.



Custom Jewelry Creation

Whether you desire something totally unique and new, or a "Reincarnation" of your jewels, ask Julie about custom jewelry creation just for you.


After a brief consultation, she has the ability to tap into your world and sense what would be perfect for you, even if you don't have the words or total picture of what you want.  Her ability to pull the essence from within you and create the piece is like magic.  

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Call or Email to schedule an appointment or ask any questions you may have 415.871.4236 |