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When is it time for new jewelry?

Yesterday I went out to buy a new pair of walking shoes. There are so many colors and styles, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Plus I have 3 pair at home already. Yes, they're starting to look a bit worn, but I love them so I keep them. (How many of you do this too? With shoes, clothes, and jewelry?!) Eventually it's time to de-clutter, organize, and get something new! If you don't wear it for many seasons/years, perhaps consider gifting it to someone, re-selling it, or donating. (See my de-cluttering tools below)

So one of my secret magical tips to get what you'll enjoy wearing is asking your body!

How do you do this? When you see something that catches your eye, try it on. Ask your body, "Body, would you like to wear this?" If it feels good, makes you smile, lights you up, that's a YES. *Asking your friend who shops with you is not the same as checking in with your body.

Sometimes we override our sweet body, using logic and justifications, but you always know if it's a YES from your body. And when you listen to it, you will be happy with your purchase! Be willing to indulge in what feels good to your body. It will reward you in many ways.

During my Jewelry Trunk Shows one of the most frequent statements I hear from shoppers is, "I already have so much jewelry that I don't wear." For some reason, maybe because jewelry doesn't show wear and tear like a t-shirt or jeans, we think we have to keep it forever! Even if we don't wear it. But would you body enjoy wearing something new?

Below are some simple, yet effective de-cluttering tools you can use to create some space in your closet and jewelry box. Take a moment to apply these tools. Try it on! Does it still light you up? Does you body still love wearing it? If not, make some new choices to gift, sell or donate. Free up your jewelry box for things you and your body will love wearing now!

Finding new pieces for your wardrobe that make you smile, light you up, and make your body feel good, are essential for living a joyful life.

De-cluttering tools:

• Try your old things on! And ask you body, "Body, would you ever like to wear this again?" if not, who else would? Sometimes we get caught up in our sentimental feelings of when we first got the item and loved it. The question is, do you still love wearing it? and does your body love wearing it too?

• If it doesn't make you smile, or light you up, that's not a YES! It's a NO.

• Make 4 piles: Keep, Gift, Sell, Donate. An easy way to "re-gift" a piece that still has lots of life to it is to ask yourself, who would love this? Give it to them saying "I loved these," or "these were my favorite, and I thought you might like them."

Need assistance de-cluttering? It's one of my specialties! Send me an email and let's see what's possible.

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