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JULIE'S STYLE TIPS: Trust what you know...

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

When something catches your eye, do you realize that it's calling to you?

When you are looking for a gift for someone else, do you find something that you like for yourself? And when that happens... do you rationalize that you are not looking for you, you are looking for a friend?! But then, do you find that you go away with the constant feeling that you missed out on something?

What if you trusted what you were drawn to?

I create many one of a kind pieces. Often I notice that most people will overlook a particular piece, but then there will be one person who goes directly to it. It's as if they know there is something calling to them. They make a direct line over the the piece, put it on, and love it! I even hear back from customers that they are so happy to wear their unique piece, it brings them joy.

What if you gifted it to yourself, even when you weren't looking for it? How would generosity with yourself expand your life and the lives of others around you?

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