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JULIE'S STYLE TIPS: Wearing your wealth

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Do you ever feel like you look like a million bucks? When you put on a new outfit, get a new haircut, fresh makeup and yummy perfume… When you feel this way, do you notice that you stand taller, walk with a bit of a strut, feel confident, and know that you turn the heads of everyone within several blocks?

What if being willing to “Be All That” increased your annual income, just by Being it?

What would it be like to actually wear your wealth? How about adding some real gold jewelry, gems or pearls to your ensemble? Even with jeans, I like to wear my jewels… and I always carry a 1 oz. gold coin in my pocket.

Take a moment and hold a piece of gold in your hand. Feel its vibration. It is amazing! My body likes it and responds immediately. It feels energized, tingly, like a bottle of champagne with millions of tiny bubbles rising up.

You will never have the thought, “I don’t have any money” wearing all that. You will have the awareness that you Have money, which creates and generates more of the same. How does it get better than that?

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