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Original Art & Custom  Paintings

An artist and early entrepreneur, Julie Tuton started a small business in her teens painting hair clips and selling them to local gift shops and clothing stores. In her twenties, she created a line of jewelry which sold to galleries across the country. Next came a line of hand painted and etched glass inspirational gifts that found themselves on national television-- airing on the Oprah Winfrey show in a segment called Remembering Your Spirit.


Trained in oils in college, she began working with watercolor and acrylic when she was expecting her first child in 1997. She found this medium to allow greater freedom of expression in the moment.


Julie’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the United States. Her first solo show was in January 2002 in San Francisco.

“I love to paint images to inspire possibilities. They brighten a room, lift a mood, and stir the soul.  They radiate with joy, vitality and inspiration. Each painting is unique and has a life and energy of its own.


I use a fluid medium that allows for many layers of intense combinations of color. Beginning with fresh bold strokes, and after a period of drying, follow with light washes or deep rich tones, and repeat layer upon layer.  The process results in retaining the brilliance of pure pigment and the creation of space , light and depth.


Many times I like to finish with opalescent tints or gold details. Notice the movement, light, richness, and sparkle? These pieces are alive!"

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Custom  Paintings

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