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Microfaceted natural pyrite with accents of labradorite or aquamarine teardrops adds a delicate twist to this lovely layering piece. 36" long, wearable long, doubled, or multi wrap bracelet.


Pyrite encourages new ways of thinking and looking at the world, inspiring new creativity. Pyrite can enhance willpower during challenging times, help ground and clear stress, as well as support success and growth.


Labradorite will act as your guide in your unique spiritual transformation, shedding new light and color, and bring forth the manifestation of synchronicities and serendipities!


Aquamarine is a stone of enlightenment, spiritual awareness, and the ability to become attuned to your own emotions. It can soothe your mind, ease a troubled heart, & melt stress. Empowers: courage, peace & communication.  Moss aquamarine has deeper blue/green coloration.


Liquid Pyrite w Gem Accents

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