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Hand forged hoops in oxidized sterling or 18k gold with semi-precious & precious gems! Approx 1.5"


Organic round oxidized silver hoops are wrapped with 14k gold, grey square cut diamonds, white topaz and facet silver nuggets.


Organic round 18k gold wrapped with orange sapphire gems. 


Organic leaf 18k with andalusite gems. 


Organic tear 18k with andalusite gems.


Diamonds: A romantic and magical token of affection and desire, they are the toughest gemstone. With lasting strength, & invincibility, Diamonds are also lucky symbols that enhance your personal power and attract success to whoever wears it.


White Topaz: used to expand knowledge, boost self confidence & creativity, white topaz is a stone for leadership.  Also has a calming effect on the body and promotes healing of mental stress, insomnia, and assists with migraine.


Sapphire: Used most often for protection purposes. It will boost your leadership abilities, and promote peace in all aspects of your life.


Andalisite: Calming, releasing negativity, healing physically and spiritually, gifting clarity for you to reach your targets in life.

Hammered Hoops 18k

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