Updated: Jun 20

I have always wanted to work in solid 14k gold, yet most of my pieces are created with gold-filled wire. Something always kept me from indulging my designs in solid 14k gold. That is changing now!

Last week I ordered several spools of 14k wire in varying thicknesses, and started playing. It is so much fun! Here is a little video I made capturing the energy:

What if wearing gold added more to your body and living than you ever considered? It is said that gold can balance energy fields, and is beneficial for opening and balancing the energies in the body. It can remove negative energy and bring in the positive from the stones it is with. It has been used to bring wealth, happiness, stress relief, and good feelings.

So the next time you are not feeling your best, or have low energy, try wearing some gold on your skin and notice how your body perks up.

It's not just about how you look, it is also about how you feel.

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