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This pendant on Blue Goldstone and Amethyst beaded choker, is made of Black Spinel, Garnet, Iolite, Labradorite, Turquoise, and Amethyst, with a blue Labradorite drop. 


Using fire elementals, specifically Garnet, can increase movement & vibrations inside your body, breaking apart stagnant energies. Garnet helps transform what you truly desire: Passion, romance, self-confidence & abundance.


Labradorite will act as your guide in your unique spiritual transformation, shedding new light and color, and bringing forth the manifestation of synchronicities and serendipities. Wearing it can help you access to the hidden potential that already exists inside of you.


Spinel is a stone of revitalization, and it can relieve stress and re-energize. It can help rid your body’s toxins, physically and energetically. Spinel also opens the heart, encourage kindness, & compassion.


The literal meaning of Amethyst is “not intoxicated”. You can immediately feel peace of mind by simply looking at this brilliant crystal. By placing Amethyst on your body, you can immediately sense any upset, anger or frustration, leaving your body. Feel Peace & stability.


Turquoise is a master healer stone and facilitates communication between the physical and spiritual realms. It can enhance psychic abilities, amplify intuition, and bring insight and wisdom. It has been used in amulets for protection for millennia and is said to change color to warn the wearer of any infidelity in their partner. It is a purification stone and mitigates the ill effects of exposure to electromagnetic waves and other atmospheric pollutants. 


Magic & Miracles Elixir Necklace

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