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White pearls, surrounded by micro faceted gems, with asst gem drop.  14k gf hooks.  Approx 1" total length.



It will bring healing, calming, and soothing energy that will help you regain your personal power and inner balance. Good for sensitivity, intuition and protection.



Also known as a Pink Emerald, Morganite attunes the heart, rekindles the lightness of spirit, and cleanses old wounds and emotional upsets. Can be used to attract true love or deepen your current romantic relationship, and inspire joy.



A stone of enlightenment, spiritual awareness, and the ability to become attuned to your own emotions. It can soothe your mind, ease a troubled heart, & melt stress. Empowers: courage, peace & communication.



Labradorite will act as your guide in your unique spiritual transformation, shedding new light and color, and bring forth the manifestation of synchronicities and serendipities!

Baby Caviar Gem Cluster Earrings

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