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New Year, New YOU!

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Are you ready for a new look? It is 2017, and time for a change. Just as a new hair style, or new clothes add to your wardrobe, adding a few new pieces of jewelry can really create a rejuvenated new You!

Did you know that wearing jewelry can add energy to your body?

When you are feeling low, do you forgo the jewels? On the days that I'm feeling my most tired, or beginning to feel a cold coming on, I put on a dynamic combination of earrings and necklaces. Sometimes it is neutral in color, like my Pyrite Gem Chain with Clovers necklace, for grounding, protection and good luck; or bright Turquoise long layering

necklace, for its stress relieving and clear communication. And sometimes I choose my powerful calming Tahitian Black Pearl necklace paired with Pave Diamond spike earrings, which give strength, invincibility and clarity.

Adding to your collection can be a fun, creative and generative play. What would your body like to be wearing? If you ask this question, how will it reward you? Could a new pair of Caviar Stick earrings and Selenite pendant necklace keep you feeling energized and happy?

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